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Improve and enhance every aspect of your retreat, including planning your event and using an expert facilitator to get the results you need, by partnering with a facilitator. We’ve partnered with the best in leadership, executive education, team building and organization development to help you experience the best retreat. Contact us to learn more.

Program Partners
Experts for planning and facilitating your retreat.

Peter Bailey, President, The Prouty Project
Peter H. Bailey, President, The Prouty Project 
Peter is an expert in engaging business leaders and teams in transformational experiences that enhance skills, systems, processes and improves how groups work together. He has more than 25 years of experience designing and facilitating programs for management and executive teams. He specializes in strategic planning, creativity and innovation and cross-cultural communications. Peter’s executive retreats are described by clients as transformational because of the experiential natural of his programs that identify opportunities within teams to deliver solutions.

Chef Marshall O'Brien

Chef Marshall O'Brien
Chef Marshall O’Brien is the founder and CEO of the Chef Marshall O’Brien Group in Minneapolis. He and his staff of chefs, registered dietitians, researchers, writers and videographers work with businesses, schools, childcare facilities, city agencies, hospitals and families as resources and leaders of programs that help increase people’s well-being through the use of delicious, nutritious food. The group’s Smart Eating for Well-Being presentations are tremendously popular with corporate and government clients. You may have seen him on television--he regularly appears on Fox9 in the Twin Cities, where he is a trusted voice for Smart Nutrition. His company’s motto is “Nutrition on a Mission!”

Mike Felmlee, Prouty Project CEO

Mike Felmlee, CEO, The Prouty Project 
Mike is a business and group development pro who works with management teams, boards of directors and staff groups on strategic planning, team building, leadership development and executive retreats. Mike has more than 28 years of financial and operational management experience in healthcare, manufacturing and public accounting. He’s worked with more than 40 private and public boards of directors using his business expertise to develop stronger teams, communication and business strategies. 

Jeff Prouty, The Prouty Project

Jeff Prouty, Chairman & Founder, The Prouty Project 
Jeff founded the Prouty Project, a leading strategic planning and organization development firm in 1987. Jeff loves working with senior management teams on strategic planning and board development. The Prouty Project features a team of experienced leaders who have worked with thousands of executives and teams and more than 100 public, private and non-profit boards of directors. Jeff’s passion for empowering change with clients is expressed in the annual “Stretch Expedition” where the Prouty Project and a group of friends and clients visit a location for mental, personal and physical growth. Past Stretch adventures have been teaching in Morocco, sailing the British Virgin Islands and building a medical clinic in the Amazon.

Sam Smith, Prouty Project

Sam Smith, Vice President, The Prouty Project 
Sam is an expert at designing programs and facilitating groups to shift organizational mindsets that drive change, create advantage and accelerate innovation. He has 20 years of experience working with executives on strategic planning initiatives, leadership and team development programs and executive retreats. His mission is to engage, encourage and equip leaders, teams and organizations to stretch beyond what is known. He lives by his favorite questions and statements, “What if?” “Why not?” “We can!” and “Let’s go!”


Nehrwr Abdul-Wahid

Nehrwr Abdul-Wahid, Lead Consultant, One Ummah Consulting 
Nehrwr (pronounced “Nay-wah”) is a leadership skills trainer and expert instructor for tools like the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), the premier intercultural development assessment tool and the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory. He is an expert at leadership and develops programs and facilitates retreats that tap into the talents of individuals and their work teams. Nehrwr is a resident trainer with the Blandin Foundation of Grand Rapids, Minnesota where he designs and implements leadership programs for rural community leaders. 

Brian Green
Brian Green, Experiential Leadership Consultant 
Brian is a consultant specializing in experiential and adventure-based learning using tools like ropes courses. Brian has been facilitating teams for more than 15 years. He believes that people learn best by being part of the action and he designs and facilitates experiences that get individuals out of their comfort zones and challenges teams to enhance cohesiveness and improve implementation.

Mary Jo Wimmer
Mary Jo Wimmer, Principal, Mary Jo Wimmer Consulting 
Mary Jo is a board development, strategic planning, program design and team building trainer and consultant. She’s a senior trainer and design team member for the Blandin Foundation’s Community Leadership programs and a facilitator with the Anderson Center. Mary Jo is also a qualified administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory and is certified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. She has more than 25 years of experience providing direction, problem-solving and leadership development to businesses, churches, non-profits and communities in rural Minnesota.

Facilitator Zach Burns MA, Ed.

Ed Zabinski, Zabinski Consulting, LLC
Ed is the principal at Zabinski Consulting, LLC, where he provides private sector, non-profit and public-sector organizations with strategic planning, communications and organizational development services. He also works as a trainer with the Blandin Community Leadership Program. During his career, he has worked in senior management roles at Grand Rapids State Bank and Blandin Paper Company. Ed has also co-founded three organizations: MotherLode North America, Northrock Development and Untapped, Inc. Ed also worked for Congressman Jim Oberstar and the Boundary Waters Conservation Alliance early in his career. Ed served on the Grand Rapids City Council from 2008-16. He has served on the boards of several regional organizations, including the Northland Foundation, Grand Rapids Public Utilities Commission, Range Association of Municipalities & Schools, and the Grand Rapids Economic Development Authority.  He has also worked with numerous other community groups in leadership roles. Ed earned degrees from Vermillion Community College, St. John’s University, and the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

Erik Gabrielson, Activ8

Erik Gabrielson, Activ8
Erik heads up the relationship building efforts at Activ8. In this capacity Erik bridges disciplines, connecting with prospective partners and clients, gaining insight into their issues, co-creating solutions, delivering training, and coaching. Erik has a passion for collaborating with others to build outcomes that are bigger than anyone initially could have conceived. After a 15-year career as a real estate entrepreneur, Erik committed himself to helping others achieve high performance. With Moira Petit, he founded Activ8 to focus on the relationship between health and performance. Over the course of his career, Erik has worked extensively in multi-national, multi-cultural settings.

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