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Our Favorite Ted Talks

by Leadership Admin | Jan 02, 2019

Happy New Year, Friends! 2019 is teed up to be one of our best years for The Leadership Center yet. We are so excited to connect with likeminded individuals and continue our philosophy of "Convene to Challenge to Change."

We started the Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge as a way to connect with leaders, groups, and teams looking to get outside of the office for a meeting or retreat that could inspire creative thinking and inventiveness. It's easy to see why so many groups have been successful up here in the Northwoods. With Sugar Lake as our background, the creativity and energy is ever flowing. 

To get the year started on a solid, motivational foot, we've rounded up our five favorite Ted Talks to help spark some inspiration and get you thinking, "Where are we headed this year? What can we change? How can we collaborate and communicate better?"

Our Five Favorite Ted Talks Right Now:

Emily Esfahani Smith - There's More To Life Than Being Happy
We love this for a myriad of reasons, but it's a good reminder that the quest to be "happy" isn't the be-all end-all in this carousel we call life. 

Tim Ferriss - Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals
Have you ever sat down and written out all of your fears in great detail? The odds are, probably not. Tim Ferriss encourages this act of self-discovery through what he calls "fear-setting" and how this helps you understand what you can control and what you cannot.

Celeste Headlee - How to Have a Good Conversation
We like to show this video to people who work for and/or with us because conversations are a very integral part of our day. In fact, it is a MAJORITY of our day! Celeste digs deep into the benefits of learning to have a great conversation and how it affects everything from our jobs to relationships at home and more.

Simon Sinek - Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe
What would a Ted Talk list be without Simon Sinek?! This talk really hits home with the qualities of a good leader and how their attitude and decisions make employees feel secure and trusted. 

Peter Bailey - Developing The Heroic Journey Mindset
We're a bit biased here as Peter is a good friend and expert facilitator who runs one of our signature programs (more info here!) but this Ted Talk is an awe-inspiring description of how The Heroic Journey helps us to develop the mindset of improving the outcome of any situation. 

Amy Climer - The Power of Deliberate Creative Teams
Did we say five Ted Talks? We meant six. We couldn't talk about creativity without including this inspiring talk by Amy Climer. Amy discusses the power of deliberate creativity to lead innovation and the power of shared purpose. 

What are your favorite Ted Talks or motivational speaker videos? We'd love to hear your suggestions and favorites. 

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