Blue Ocean Strategy

Exploring Blue Ocean Strategies:  A Guided Futuring Process

A Strategic Planning Program Through The Leadership Center 

Mature economies today are crowded with competing companies vying for limited market share.  But another way to position our products, services, and businesses is to create an approach which steps into a new arena outside the “bloody” red water into clear, blue water beyond the competition. By shifting our thinking from the status quo, applying these exciting and innovative techniques, we can explore new ways to go to market in this challenging economy.

We've Uncovered Our Blue Ocean, Let's Uncover Yours

Sugar Lake Lodge has expanded as a destination for organizations to get away to and work on next year’s plan, develop leadership teams, or do what we’ve done – identify our next big idea or blue ocean strategy. Our blue ocean is combining place, space and pace that describes Sugar Lake Lodge with a unique Leadership Center; providing access to great leadership content and delivery that complement your agenda.

We've taken this process of identifying the "next big idea" and shaped it into an actionable program that we offer through The Leadership Center.

Uncover Your  Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Identify blocks to creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Improve creative approaches to seeing Innovative Intersections inside and outside the industry subject-matter expertise. 
  • Expand thinking through a creative process of linking business opportunities and divergent and convergent techniques to increase scope and range of options.
  • Generate new viable options and approaches never before considered.

A Full-Day Agenda that Provides Clear Outcomes



Desired Outcome / Learning Activities


Creative Tone Set

Creative Tone Set:

  • Creative process drawing activity.
  • Anti-creativity messages video.


Innovative Intersections

Team engages in activities designed to spark creative thought, small team cohesiveness, and innovative thinking:

  • Introduce Emotional Intelligence tools to enhance the creative process.
  • Explore your own response to innovation and expand your capacity to think in bigger, more exciting ways.







Blue Ocean Strategies

Explore Blue Ocean Thinking:

  • Practice and apply Blue Ocean techniques directly to your own business scenarios, product design, processes, etc.
  • Inspirational videos on Blue Ocean Thinking.
  • Generate new Blue Ocean possibilities to bring back to your business.





Creative Human-Centered Design

Explore Human-Centered Design

  • Practice and apply Human-Centered Design techniques directly to your own business scenarios, product design, processes, etc.
  • Inspirational videos on New Design Thinking.
  • Generate new Design possibilities to bring back to your business.
  • Experiential Problem-solving Challenges to further spark the imagination!





Team Challenge!

Creative small or large group challenges to provide immediate application of new communication skills and design thinking


Action Steps

And Closing

More creative exploration by the team and what they will focus on moving forward:

  • Action steps.
  • Closing thoughts.

Interested in Uncovering Your Blue Ocean Strategy?

Shift your way of thinking from the status quo.

Our "Why"

To Convene, Challenge, and Change Individuals and Organizations.